This blog is designed to host information and discussion about women’s empowerment around the world. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. Ellen Gorman says:

    I want to welcome this blog and encourage people to use it to post information about what women are doing and what needs to be done to enhance their rights around the world. Please use this blog to let others know what you are doing and what they can do to help you or to use your efforts to do something for themselves.
    I wish to share something that I have recently participated in in New York City as part of group efforts to diminish sex trafficking in this area of the world. We have found that passing a law is meaningless unless their are rigorous means of enforcement. We passed a model law in New York State in 2007, and there has been only one conviction since that time. We are now in a concerted effort to gain enforcement. We have met with the Chair of the NYC Council’s Committee on W omen’s Issues. She will be holding hearings on enforcement In February together with the Council’s Public Safety C ommittee. We are working with the Council on the Hearings and hope that the City’s Police Commissioner will move more forcefully to enforce the current law.
    We would like to hear from others, in the U.S.A. and around the world about what they are doing to put an end to this terrible practice

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